Iphone Miniature Electronic phone Cigarette Lighter With Metal Rechargeable USB

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  • The iPhone Miniature Electronic Phone Lighter With USB Rechargeable Features For Cigarette And Cigar

  • The iPhone Mini Phone Lighter is a rechargeable electric lighter portable enough to carry around to light your cigarette or cigar on a fly. Owing to its design, portability, and lightweight construction, one can use this lighter as a camping tool, instead of carrying around a matchbox that is at the mercy of the elements.

    It comes with an innovative design and a robust build. Importantly, the design is exceptionally ergonomic and one of the best model of any electronic lighters on the market. As such, not only is carrying the iPhone Mini Phone Lighter around easy but its use is equally comfortable and innovative.

    The iPhone Mini Phone Lighter Features

    Some of the features that this innovative lighter has includes:

    #1. A metallic body that is hardy and durable.
    #2. At 60g, Iphone Mini Phone Lighter is a lightweight lighter that makes it easier to travel with.
    #3. It has a compact size of 63X33X8 mm.
    #4. Rechargeable battery that is recharged via USB.
    #5. Electronically operated to produce intense heat to light up cigarettes and cigars.

    The Benefits You Stand To Gain From The iPhone Mini Phone Lighter: 

    There are plenty of benefits you gain from investing in the iPhone Mini Phone Lighter. Chief among them is the safety of this lighter. For starters, it does not produce a flame, which is a leading cause of accidental fires. The lack of a flame negates the possibility of causing accidental fires, when out and about, at home, or when camping. The heat is electronically produced and operated. As such, it is very easy to control the heat source and extent of the heat. The precise control reduces the possibility of accidents occurring.

    Another notable benefit is its all-weather functionality. You can use this lighter in any weather. Since it does not light using a flame, it can work in windy conditions, rainy conditions, and cold conditions. As such, it is the perfect lighting tool to have when you are in adverse weather conditions.

    You also enjoy exceptional ease of use that this lighter has. Unlike the flame lighters that need refills of fuel every so often, the iPhone Mini Phone Lighter requires no fuel refilling. Being an electronically operated lighter, all this lighter needs is a recharge via a USB cable. You can effectively use the lighter for years without having to invest in another lighter; just recharge the lighter, and you are good to go.

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