Stainless steel water bottles


Our Stainless Steel Water Bottle design is crafted with simplicity in mind that reflects sustainability. With our airtight bamboo cup cover which prevents spills, it meets every challenge head-on, from carrying coffee or tea in the early hours of the morning to retaining ice cold water for your outdoor adventures. Our BPA Free water bottles ensure that you are receiving a high-quality product everytime you use it for years to come.

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Packaging Included:
1 Water Bottle.
1 Cup Cover Hook

Two Sizes: 500ml/750ml

A versatile Product that works for a lifetme

Slim design fits into most cup holders
Safe, durable, high quality materials
Stainless, unibody bamboo cap
Dishwasher safe

Temperature resistance: -10°C to 120°C

Brushed Stainless Steel finish
You're able to contain drinks without losing its temperature.


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Emilie Frank

I love these stainless steel bottles, in fact, having bought one I promptly bought two more. I use the two 750ml bottles to store cold water in the fridge. They fit in the door just nicely and the handy handle makes them easy to get in and out of the fridge. I used to have glass bottles but broke them, these are much safer. If I drop one it will only get dented , not shatter. Otherwise they are perfect, just the job!

Lewis Todd

Got the 750ml and the 500ml and they’re both great quality. Lightweight for hillwalking and just the right variety of sizes to pick and choose for the day. The 750ml seems pretty big (but light) 

Maria Holmes

Good quality stainless steel. Classic style. Robust, not easily dented (and I have dropped it a bit). If you are used to a narrower "neck" you may spill some water when putting it up to your mouth if you drink from the bottle. If you sip politely or pour into a cup, it will go the right way.